Xbox 360 achievements gamertag not updating

I just started playing Tropico 5 the other day and was racking up on some achievements when I noticed it was only saying I had a small fraction of the achievements I clearly done and even popped up.By the time I was done I had 20/50 achievements UNLOCKED for the game with a gamerscore of about 400.on the list of games I have played it says I only have 8/50 achievements and 140 gamerscore, but when I click on the game itself it shows the right amount and all the ones I have unlocked..It was a 50 point achievement in Arkham City that's caused the discrepancy I think; I forced a scan before I earned it and everything matched up. Like Spilner says, hopefully just a sync issue with Xbox Live. There are problems happening now and again on the 360 too. The cheevos are unlocked on the console and the game in question's total is correct, just not added to my total GS. FINALLY it shows my 100% completion of The Lego Movie game. There are currently 3,924,465 forum posts across the 7,868 forums.

This is the third achievement error with the xbox one! Long story short i have 77 711G and should have 77 736G. I unlocked a 25G achievement in Peggle 2 and TA says i have aswell. There is a massive difference between, "I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse," and, "i helped my uncle jack off a horse." Please use the search function in future, there is a stuck thread literally 8 posts up from yours all about this. As in, "you're an idiot for not knowing the difference." Proper capitalization matters. I assume now that you wanted to manually change the gamertag on your TA account, which is not possible.Search any Xbox Gamertag below to search to lookup any Xbox Live gamer profile.

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