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Education and Health Care As governments set up more schools, litera­cy rates rose. Relatively few girls, however, went on to high school because they were needed to help their mothers with farm work and household chores.

As a result, illit­eracy among African women remained high, especially in rural areas.

Despite many setbacks, African nations have made progress.

As independent nations, they carved out a place on the world scene and won the power to shape their own future.

Freedom for Namibia Like many African peoples, Namibians waged a long, armed struggle to win independence.

Here, a group of Namibian women celebrate the birth of their nation in 1990.

The struggle became part of the Cold War, with the Soviet Union and Cuba lending their support to SWAPO.

South Africa supported a rival Chapter 36group, supplying weapons and troops.

The United States, too, tried to undermine the Soviet-backed government.

Portuguese Colonies As Britain and France took steps to meet national­ist demands in their African possessions, Portugal clung fiercely to its colonies in Angola and Mozambique.

During the 1960s, the Portuguese dic­tator Antonio Salazar rejected African demands for freedom.

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In Angola, a complicated power struggle dragged on for years.

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