Wisdom for men dating single mothers

While being a single mother is no doubt tough, it also helps to create one of the strongest bonds in the world.Of course you will have your highs and lows, but all of it will only make your relationship with your children stronger.15.

The simple fact that you are always worried about them is proof enough that your children are always on top of your mind and you are a great mom.

There are many that will be jealous of your independence and your strength, but when someone compliments you on what a wonderful job you are doing, accept it with an open heart.

You truly deserve all the appreciation, so take it with the best of smiles.38.

Your kids give you all the joy in the world, set you to challenges that you want to fight and win just to prove them that you can, and that together as a team you can too.

They truly complement you as a woman and make you whole.42.

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