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Joan quipped about her surgery, saying that she had so much plastic surgery that after her death, she would donate her body to Tupperware.

Unfortunately, on 28 August 2014, due to severe complications, Joan stopped breathing during a minor throat procedure.

Her mother interviewed the celebrities from her bed while Melissa chimed with questions.

Melissa's mother also pointed out Oprah Winfrey's weight gain on national television.

Later, she was transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she was kept on life support.

Amazingly, the mental trick changes your body language (you’ll lean in closer and tilt your head slightly), slows down the pace of your conversation (especially when you’re nervous) and helps your confidence skyrocket (you’ll feel bold and sexy).

On 26 January 2015, Melissa filed a malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who performed surgery on her mother. Melissa followed her mother's footstep and entered the entertainment industry.

Her numerous credits appear in alongside her mother.

Well, Joan Rivers (of all people) shared a brilliant tip years ago: Pretend that you’re kissing.

You start wondering if it’s really a date—maybe you’re just two friends hanging out?

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