Who is cassie dating now

Finally, Bachelor Nation got the happy ending they've been looking for, albeit a modified one.

After months and months of speculation, Bachelor Nation is finally able to confirm that Colton and Cassie are now happily dating and seeing where their relationship goes.

If fans learned anything from this season, maybe it's that the franchise's pressure to get engaged right away can sometimes be too much for some people.

But love always finds a way, as Colton proved when he fought for Cassie's heart and won it in the season finale.As fans saw in the dramatic conclusion to the season, Colton chased after Cassie to fight for their love.He told Cassie that they didn't need to get engaged, but instead could simply try out being in a relationship together.But, where are Colton and Cassie at now that the filming is over?This Colton and Cassie relationship update will put your romantic heart at ease.

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However, much to everyone's surprise, Cassie leaves.

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