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The other could equal and the packet would still be displayed.The second filter says ``don't show me any packets that have an field equal to''. If neither field is, then the packet is displayed.a11Reply Code Unsigned 8-bit integer A11 Registration Reply code.

In a display filter expression testing the value of a Boolean field, ``true'' is expressed as 1 or any other non-zero value, and ``false'' is expressed as zero.

The third filter expression includes the constraint that offset 199 in the frame exists, in other words the length of the frame is at least 200.

A special caveat must be given regarding fields that occur more than once per packet.

This manual page describes their syntax and provides a comprehensive reference of filter fields.

The simplest filter allows you to check for the existence of a protocol or field.

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Here's how to check the last four bytes of a frame: This concatenates offset 1, offsets 3-5, and offset 9 to the end of the ftp data.

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