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Using literal dates is the simplest way to create a validation control that limits input to a range of dates.

You just enter the first and last acceptable dates as follows: This is the simplest way to designate a range for a data validation control. It's easy to implement and easy to modify—simply select the cell, repeat the above steps, and change one or both dates.

You accomplished this by entering a start and end date.

You can do the same thing with a formula instead of with literal dates.

To do so, you'd use the following formula in step #3: The YEAR(TODAY()) component returns the year of the current day. Simply adjust the return_type value to match your workweek. For instance, you could reject dates that don't fall on a Wednesday using the formula =WEEKDAY(C4,2)=3.

Then, do the following: This formula evaluates the date's year value.

If it's 2017, the formula returns True and the control excepts the date. Again, a formula comes to the rescue: This formula assumes the work week begins with Monday; the weekday values 6 and 7 refer to Saturday and Sunday, respectively. You can enter any date if it's a Monday through Friday date.

If the year isn't 2017, the formula returns False and the control rejects the date. For instance, you could reject all dates that aren't in the month of January by using the MONTH() function. Let's suppose you want to reject dates that aren't in the current year. You don't need to update the formula or the control as time passes. The WEEKDAY() function has two arguments, the date and the return_type, as shown in Figure H.

Excel''s Table object isn't supported in the menu version, so #3 won't work in files.

The browser version supports existing validation controls, but you can't create them or modify them in the browser.

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