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The code below will do this, in this case I take the first book in the database: The figure below gives you a better view of this process.

This shows the effect of running the EF Core query I just listed on a book that had two authors, Jack and Jill.

In that case EF Core produces SQL code that reads all the books, then read each row individually, twice, which is definitely not optimal.

EF Core’s will adversely affect performance, and this logging is intelligent.

I am using the following code to validate a date in a Gridview.

The error message gets displayed on an invalid date but a system error message immediately follows indicating that there was an error moving the data to a date field.

Now I want to list a book, with its primary key, title and the Author(s) as a comma delimited string.This capability adds to the general area of validation of data being written to the database, especially around EF Core.This article comes from needing this capability in my Generic Services and Generic Biz Runner libraries while working on a project for a client.That meant in EF6.x you had to do something about it – often by changing the query to better suit the database. Now your query may work, but could perform worse than one you write such that EF Core can convert it directly to SQL commands. Authors String) in listing 2.9 and returning a list of books.

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