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Considerable work has been done on competency modeling, not just in the field of project management, but also in many application areas.

In recent years, a substantial literature has been published, and several competency models have been proposed.

Brian Hobbs and Normand Pettersen, the other co-authors and professors in the Master's program were the university supervisors.

In 1999, the time the model was developed, the creation of a Project Management Office was being considered.

Without having made a formal investigation, it can fairly be said that the firm did not have been a very high level of Project Management Maturity.

The development of a Project Management Competency Model was one of the many steps being taken to reinforce and develop the project management function.

Building, validating, and implementing a PM competency model: the experience of one aerospace company.

The strategy of building, in-house, a model based on a pre-existing framework proved to be a feasible and economical approach. This paper describes and discusses the building of a Project Management Competency Model for use by a prominent aerospace company.

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