Updating webshots with new smile app

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A couple different, inconsistent and in my mind inaccurate reasons for the missing photos were given.

The most recent update was given February 3, 2010 to the original notice of January 29, 2010. Initially the explanation was that several servers had failed.

Later the story changed to the "photos were being moved".

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There is a clause in there stating they reserve the right to delete photos for accounts inactive for longer than 6 months. My account has certainly not been inactive for more than 6 months.I noticed one or two missing photos several months ago, but now it seems worse. Webshots has a blog in which this was discussed a couple of times.You may subscribe to daily or weekly updates of this "Webshots blog" here.I also do not believe Webshots ever told the complete truth about what caused the photos to go missing.You can click on the comments to both of the blog entries, and you see that many Webshots users did not buy the explanations given by Webshots.

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