Updating to circuit breakers

Signs of heat or burning indicate a loose connection or failing lug.

Sometimes this can be corrected by tightening the lug but if the burning has been going on for a while a new part will be necessary.

If you are not experienced with electrical troubleshooting we recommend contacting a qualified electrician for your safety.

Your main breaker has three areas that should be inspected for damage to further verify that it needs to be replaced.

If you can read 240 volts on the line side but cannot get 240 volts on the load side your breaker needs replacing.

The line side will be live even if the breaker is shut off, so be careful.

A reading of about 240 volts should be measured between the two line side feeders.

Dolce Electric Co has scheduled a local in-office electrician in Mesa AZ from AM until PM today, Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019.

He will answer all of your questions about why your main circuit breaker keeps tripping and provide you with the information you are looking for.

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The main electrical circuit breaker in your panel is the safety device that protects your electrical panel from overloading.

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