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This problem exists for Windows 64-bit 6u10 b31 and subsequent releases.When installing the Windows 64-bit JDK, the first part of the installation goes well, however the following error message is displayed at the beginning of the JRE installation: command does not work.To avoid the error, the workaround is to to do one of the following: Refer to 6747473.The JRE installer for 32-bit Windows, as part of its installation, may download and install additional Sun components to support the Java FX runtime.Since the new pipeline utilizes hardware acceleration capabilities offered by video cards, it is very important that the latest drivers for the cards are installed.

To learn about the new features included in this release of the IDE see the Net Beans IDE 6.9.1 Release Information page.Some of these are: Built-in support for the Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) allows applets to immediately reuse extensions originally designed for Java Web Start applications such as the components of the Java FX runtime, support for hardware accelerated 3D graphics, video playback, spatialized audio and more.For more information, please see the following links: This release introduces a fully hardware accelerated graphics pipeline based on the Microsoft Direct3D 9 API, translating into improved rendering of Swing or Java2D applications which rely on alpha compositing, gradients, arbitrary transformations, filtering and other more advanced 2D operations.If you encounter this error, the JDK is already installed properly.However, you will need to install the 64-bit JRE separately to install a Public JRE.

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