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Is it wrong that because I’m always in the office or traveling for work, I lean on my coworkers (mostly married men) to meet my emotional needs?

comparable dating ages “just be friends,” and if so, how?

So, here are questions As a single person, do you ever feel that something’s wrong with you?

If so, how do you deal with that feeling—is it the sort of thing you ignore, or the sort of thing you talk about with someone else to see if it’s true? Do you wrestle with identity issues because you have a strong personality?

I’m often reminded how important it is that we single people engage in fellowship with men and women in different life-stages and circumstances (and vice versa! Our whole-body fellowship helps to cultivate empathy for brothers and sisters in Christ who are lonely , or who have children rebelling against Christ, or who are impoverished, or who battle chronic illness, or . Pastor, as you are preaching through the Scriptures and thinking about applying the text, you might consider whether your text addresses questions like these.

What does it mean to be “content” in my singleness? Why are holidays so lonely for me, and should I start making different holiday traditions as a single person so that they’re not so horrible?When my married friends talk about all that they’re juggling, do they not understand that I have to make all major decisions by myself and handle all life’s logistics by myself—and do all this on one income?What do I do when I feel like a married male colleague is being inappropriate with me or with another female?Is it wrong for me to take initiative with a man to pursue a potential romantic relationship with him?If I go out of my way to try to meet a husband, does that mean I’m not trusting God’s sovereignty? How can I trust God when I’ve been dateless for a decade?

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It may also be helpful to discuss select questions with ministry leaders in your church, host a seminar for single people on Christian dating, or write a pastor’s column discussing questions relating to family life in the church. First, many single men may be asking these same questions.

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