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Further, although men generally prefer women with naturally higher voices, when to sound sexy, women actually lowered their voice pitch and increased their vocal hoarseness (Hughes et al., 2014).

Even when you’re not particularly trying to convey romantic interest, others can infer romantic interest from your voice (Farley et al., 2013).

Personally, I don't even appreciate being considered sexy, due to my voice; certainly not in a society where everyone is (severely) judged by their appearance. As a voice coach, I have no doubt that women find men with a deep voice both sexy and attractive – the late great Barry White had not only an incredibly rich, warm sensual singing voice but his speaking voice was just as alluring.

However, I disagree about part of the information regarding the female voice.

Research shows that women speak in a higher voice pitch when speaking to an attractive stranger (Fraccaro et al., 2011).

These researchers speculated that “speaking with higher voice pitch to men that they find particularly attractive may function to increase women’s attractiveness to preferred potential mates” (p. However, when men and women spoke to their current relationship partners over the telephone, men tended to speak in a higher-pitched voice while women spoke in a lower-pitched voice.

Although a sexy voice may heighten our initial attraction to a partner, both men and women with attractive voices are more likely to be sexually (Gallup & Frederick, 2010).

If I have to convince the male customers what they should do to use the logistic services my employer provides, I try to sound firm, but that results in very unwanted comments. Men’s lower voices are associated with higher levels of testosterone (Simmons, Peters, & Rhodes, 2011). As you might expect, women find lower-pitched voices more masculine and attractive.In a study, however, men were able to make their voices sound more confident, which may indirectly make them more attractive to women.When trying to sound sexy, both men and women slowed their speech.

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