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The Secret Dungeon, High Wycombe, from £230, The Secret Dungeon The antithesis of your average hotel, this punk-inspired palace has 19 rooms each with a different theme.You can choose everything from kinky to kitsch – there’s a Dollywood room, a romantic Cloud Cuckoo Land and Kraken’s Lair – a three room suite with an 8ft round bed, ceiling canopy mirror, plunge bath and pole dancing area.You can find sex themed hotels both in Britain and abroad, and each has its own fantastic and fun personality.

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The hotel also hosts pool parties with celebrity DJs.

Dane Bowers is on the decks taking things to Another Level on July 31 and August 28.

Alternatively, you can pay £150 for the key to the room’s toy cupboard.

This place, which began life as a 16th century coaching inn, has copper baths at the end of the beds and velvet-studded walls, not to mention gold leaf staircases and massive chandeliers.

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