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Additionally, various questions previously asked during the check-in process are now asked in the application to improve check-in efficiency and experience.How we collect information regarding medications has been updated in the online application to streamline the process for individuals attending multiple sessions throughout the summer.Classic sessions provide a traditional camp experience for children and teenagers, while the retreat-like settings offer a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere for campers.Campers determine their own activity interests and level of participation. See a full list of activities offered at each site here.True Friends resident camp programs at all locations are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA).These programs comply with nationally recognized standards for content, personnel, administration, health care, site and facilities.The time each individual may spend at camp will not exceed 13 consecutive days and reentry to a camp a respite session will not occur until an additional six days have passed.Due to federal regulations neither, medical cannabis or synthetic THC is allowed on True Friends property. Our program provides opportunities to develop an appreciation of nature, live cooperatively with others, share in the responsibilities of group living, develop new leisure interests, experience traditional camp activities and have fun!

Due to the feedback we received, we have updated our processes: Our application has been updated to reduce redundancy and clarify questions.Waivered, county or adoption assistance funds will NOT pay cancellation fees, therefore, participants/guardians will be billed accordingly.Property Damage Policy: True Friends may seek compensation from participants and/or guardians for the replacement or repair of property damaged while attending camp.Clients paying with Waivered or County funds, as well as Adoption Assistance are not directly responsible for paying a deposit.However, in the event of a cancellation, participants/guardians will be billed according to our cancellation policy available on our website, application and catalog.

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We are honored to serve you, your family and greater community with life-changing experiences.

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