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Trade Vides provides basic information like a company's founders, rivals and funding information, but it also gives people a way to discover start-ups in a given interest area, such as clean tech or social networks.Visitors can comment on or rate a start-up, as well as review news and blogs about the company.Which got us wondering: How many i Pod-carrying PC-using CNET readers would consider making the big shift?

With Twitter, we're talking about a very imaginative technology that's become a favorite toy of the digital commentariat.

"We want to be the Wikipedia for company information.

But we've created a structured wiki, so it's easier for people to edit information in the same format," Li said.

Mill River Labs was founded in February 2007 by Li; Peter Chu, who is chief technology officer; and David Kang and Doug Ihde, who are both developers.

According to its site, Trade Vibes employs five people.

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