Savannah outen and jake coco dating

Her 2008 debut single "Goodbyes" peaked at #5 on Radio Disney's Top 30 Countdown.

She was featured on the Disney albums Radio Disney Jams, Vol. She was born in Hillsboro, Oregon to Barry and Lisa Outen.

Jake Coco was born in Cleveland on Monday, May 7, 1984 (Millennials generation). He produced, wrote, and everything in between to release his debut album Broken Hearts and Fairy Tales.

He began to play instruments from a very young age, beginning with the violin and then moving on to the guitar, drums, and bass.

Looking at it now Last December (last December)We were built to fall apart Then fall back together (back together)Your necklace hanging from my neck The night we couldn't quite forget When we decided (we decided)To move the furniture so we could dance, Baby, like we stood a chance Two paper airplanes flying, flying, flying And I remember thinkin' [Chorus 2x] (Are we out of the woods?!

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One thing I’ve learned about my fans on Youtube is they will always be there for me, no matter what. I’ve made a ton of friends from the Youtube community. You guys are so awesome and I’m a really lucky girl.Savannah’s become an integral part of the You Tube community, sharing her high energy with others and blossoming as a true artist in the space. I do sing a lot of covers, but I put my own twist on every single one. Because who wants to hear one song done the exact same way? Youtube has taught me to be persistent and never give up.Savannah tells us what it means to have amazing fans, talent and friends in the You Tube community. There are a lot of really talented people on Youtube and it’s really cool to see!It’s the coolest thing to see a hater comment on a video, and then a bunch of fans will stick up for me and support me. Destorm, Boyce Avenue, Caitlin Hart, Corey Gray, Christina Grimmie, Chester See… I’ve met every single one of them a different way, haha. I promise that all of waiting and being patient will be worth it. Thanks for sticking by my side and going on this journey with me.The most important thing to me is to create that personal relationship with the audience. Don’t forget to subscribe to Savannah’s You Tube channel, and find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Jake Paul has been the center of a number of controversies lately, including being accused of lying about helping start the careers of the Dolan Twins and not being allowed to vlog at his home anymore due to a police order.

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