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The only issue is when you wish to discover the profile of the person you can discover at most 2 profiles in a day and unlike Tinder where once both the parties have agreed the platform connects them where through a chat interface over here the algorithm they have employed is ridiculously confused.

So unlike Tinder Vee connects with one person who had shown interest in my profile and I can successfully initiate a chat conversation with her but that is it. Now every time I get a notification in my activity screen and I click on the profile it takes me to the page where I can see the profile of the person who liked my profile but once I approve of that using the green button on the right I am taken to a different profile instead of connecting with this particular person where I can initiate chat.

Text chat uses a filter to discourage bad language, but it cannot prevent creative spellings.Phrase chat (canned phrase choices) assures appropriate multiplayer game behavior for all of our players.Players younger than 13 are limited to phrase chat in public games.Another thing that I noticed was the fact that not enough customer validation has been done before creating the app.Sadly it does not reflect the behavioral patterns of Gen Y to say the least.

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Not many user insights have been taken into account while designing the features.

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