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Knives made prior to 1979 will show in which quarter of the year the knife was manufactured.Those made after that year show only if they were made in the first or second half of the year.This company has also filled the pockets of American boys and men for over a century. The use of the arrow-pointed C from 1932 to 1940 included a long underline and nothing below, or a curl at the end and TESTED XX below. The stylish logos were discontinued and the pocket knives from the 1940s had straight CASE XX marks (1940 to 1964) and CASE XX METAL STAMPINGS LTD (1948 to 1952). Case knives are collectibles; a collector’s club was formed in 1981. There were two marks during this period that were capital letters, CASE TESTED XX and CASE’S TESTED XX. CASE XX STAINLESS appeared in 1950 to 1964, and was the last mark without U. You might also be able to tell the manufacture date of your knife from a three-digit code.For example, entering 105 on Puma's "How Old is My Knife?On the Puma Knife Company USA website, visit the "How Old is My Knife?

You may need to clean this area to see marks but if the knife is a Case, that's where you'll find the mark. " webpage yields the result that it was manufactured in the first half of 2005.Likewise, 205 date stamps indicate that the knife was made in the second half of that year.The number sequence in the five-digit code changed many times over the years, even transposing the numbers of the year within the number, making a visit to the manufacturer's website the best way to determine the date.Both Puma's USA and German sites have pages where you can enter your knife's control number to find out the year and time of year it was made.

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