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It may be the best decision you can make to settle your debts. Your call will be answered by a caring, compassionate expert who understands that financial hardships happen to good people. We’re committed to your success in becoming debt-free.A voluntary liquidation can take the form of a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) which is a mutual agreement between shareholders to voluntarily liquidate the business.If you only take out what you put into the account, you’re not likely to face fees or taxes.But if the account has grown in value, you may be subject to capital gains taxes.

No matter what assets you’re considering selling, consider carefully.Any director found guilty of this could be banned from acting as the director of any limited company for up to 15 years after the liquidation.If you’re considering liquidation as an easy way to avoid the responsibility of repaying debt, you may want to look into other options, as you could be putting yourself at risk.If you remove money from your retirement accounts to settle pressing debts, will you be able to catch up on retirement savings later?Retirement accounts are usually protected from being tapped into by a bankruptcy court.

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