Pictures dating scams 1950 s and dating

They might also be after your identity credentials or other personally identifying information.

"They can use your money once, but they can use your identity for the rest of your life," she says.

Run their profile pictures through a reverse-image search on Tin Eye or Google Images.

If the picture that shows up is associated with other names or places, that's a major warning sign.

"If someone is too close too soon, immediately professing true love, if they are available all the time and responding immediately to every message, that should be a big red flag," says Velasquez.

If the person you're talking to says something that strikes you as odd, trust your gut.

In fact, the FBI reports that in 2016—the most recent year for which data is available—romance scams cost American consumers more than 0 million. The actual number may be even higher, because often people are too embarrassed to report such incidents.

Oftentimes these are signs that something is wrong.

A surprisingly common tactic scammers employ is to put you on the defensive, says Velasquez.

It's not that hard to print an authentic-looking duplicate with a home printer.

That's part of the reason the Army Criminal Investigation Command has an example page for commonly used false documents to aid in detecting a scammer.

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