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Make sure your child knows where to go for support.Children can sometimes feel partly to blame if something goes wrong online.It can be helpful for your child to know who to talk to if something does go wrong, and it can help to suggest taking a break from an app for a period of time.This can help them learn from what happened, rather than banning them from the internet all together.They need support from adults to make good decisions and use the internet safely.Sexual exploration: It’s natural for children to start exploring their sexual feelings, and talking to people online can feel exciting.You can also find information on parental controls to help you to keep track of the apps your child may be installing and ways you can keep them safe. As young people develop, they often seek more privacy and autonomy in both their online and offline world.

Direct your child to age appropriate information about sex and relationships at Childline or Brook.

Remind your child that they can always speak to an adult they trust if they are worried no matter what may have happened.

Take time to know how to report on social media sites and apps to prevent offenders continuing to harm.

It is a criminal offence for an adult to send a sexual message to a child or incite them to perform sexual acts.

This could include; “Children have told us that they send out friend requests to increase their friend count, and are worried that if they have talked to people they don't know and something goes wrong or upsets them, their parent or carer will over react and take their technology away from them.” If your child is engaged in sexualised contact they might react in many different ways from excitement to distress, but they may also feel guilty.

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