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But I’d had enough of weird, often obnoxious strangers.

Surely, I thought, being able to “swipe” through potential prospects prior to meeting them would minimise the agonising tension of rejecting or being rejected face-to-face, and eliminate complete mismatches.

Once someone likes you AND the same activities, you match - so you have a plan for a date before you even start chatting.

"We’ve all been there, like I was, building up endless matches but having nothing to talk about.

Even when you do get talking, it stalls when you try turn that match into a date," explained John. Giving you more time to focus on getting to know each other rather than worrying about what you’re going to do together." The app will be launched in Dublin later this month and will be available for both Apple and Android devices.

About three years ago, I was sitting with a female friend in a bar on a frantic Saturday night in Dublin.

And even if all the above go your way, you could end up chatting for aaaaaages before you finally come with a plan for a real-life face-to-face date.

Well, one Dublin man has come up with a new app that could revolutionise the way that we date.

When we have first-person experience of the consequences of our behaviour, we behave more conscientiously.

However, research seems to suggest that vast choice – although alluring – actually works against us, and that online dating compounds our biases rather than challenging them.

It seems that in searching for Mister (or Ms.) Right, we often ignore the potential of Mister Right In Front Of Us.

But now I know it is, I wouldn’t dream of dating a man who didn’t share my strong preference for thin and crispy non-smoked streaky bacon.

The point is this: whatever you’re into, it’s out there.

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