My daughter dating control freak

I had an extra tent for Ali just incase she wanted privacy. When we arrived at the camp grounds the k**s changed and went to the lake. When I spoke to the man I said hey I caught a few fish Ill be cleaning snd gutting we can have that for dinner tomorrow and thanks for feeding my k**s. The next day there were some games such as volley ball competitions you had to be in teams and Ali begged me to play and we did we won a few rounds but lost the competition we had alot of fun. We headed back to the tent to get some clothes and change. We met up and sat by the pitt and all the seats were taken.

Her hips swayed forward and backwards and i placed my hand on her hip and held her closer while our bodies moved in rhythm and she pulled away.

When she graduated I set a camping trip for us do we can spend it with Ali and Maggie found it lame because she hates camping.

Ali loved it, I told her to invite teo of her buddies and lets go. She invited Carl & Helen a couple who were dating who were very vlise to Ali. When I came back the k**s were eating hotdogs the campers bedide us shared with the k**s. My daughter was nothing like her mother she was 5'9 slender an hour glas shape and her breasts were perky and were possibly a 32-34 c she never wore a bra.

We bought s home and did all the normal things families do like clock work. I cant blame her, Maggie is a control freak and doesn't allow her to do anything.

Ali was now a senior and graduating, she faught with her mother about everything. I usually need to be that parent who intercepts and then that becomes another arguement.

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