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Stand-alone security cameras and monitoring apps share a number of common features, and one of the biggest and most important is live streaming.Any smart camera will give you the ability to watch a live stream of your home over Wi-Fi or data either from a Web application, a companion mobile app, or both.Due to slimmer, smaller frames, smartphones can also be placed in hard-to-reach spots of your home where a camera might not fit, especially if you use a flexible smartphone stand or wall attachment.In terms of Wi-Fi, both devices will need it to stream live video to your phone or computer so you can see a real-time feed of your home.Stand-alone cameras simply plug into AC adapters and smartphones can do the same with their charging cables.However, smartphones are slightly more versatile since you could charge your phone completely and set it in a specific area of your home while you go out for a few hours and the battery will last until you return.Night vision is another primary feature of stand-alone cameras.The Nest cam has eight LEDs that improve the quality of nighttime footage, and most other cameras have some form of night vision that ensure you'll be able to see clearly in low lighting.

Everyone knows about Alphabet's Nest cam, but there are plenty of other cameras to consider from companies including Samsung, D-Link, and Canary.

That doesn't mean the apps are as good as purpose-built security cameras, though.

We looked into the differences between home security cameras and their smartphone equivalents (specifically the apps Manything and Alfred) to see if one method of monitoring your home is better than the other.

If you're diving deep into the smart home sphere, you'll benefit from a stand-alone camera that can, say, connect to a smart door lock and start recording when the lock senses someone is trying to get in to your front door.

Both cameras and smartphones need two crucial things to watch over your home: power and Wi-Fi.

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Sure, if you pay a fee each month, you won't have to worry about losing space and losing video footage.

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