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My need to remove the apps from my phone is an indicator that I’m too involved in them, which makes me believe that I’m too obsessed with finding a boyfriend.

And as someone who prides herself on being an independent woman who doesn’t need a man, that makes me feel like shit.

I still really want to meet someone, but that goal isn’t a priority at the moment.

I’m focusing on my career, on finding a new apartment and planning a trip to Europe.

But when I turned 22 and wasn’t dating anyone I saw as marriage material, I decided to widen my net.

I joined Ok Cupid when I was a junior in college, and then moved on to Tinder in my early twenties.

You know the feeling you get when you respond to a text message from a person who you 100% should cut out of your life? That’s the sensation I get whenever I head to the App store to redownload Hinge.

I no longer feel excitement at any point in the dating app process. This is all wrapped up in the fact that I really want to meet someone and fall in love.

When I feel concerned about my love prospects, it’s been a comfort to know that I can just pop open my phone and likely have a date lined up in an hour.

As a freelance writer who works mainly out of coffee shops and coworking spaces, I am surrounded by attractive guys all the time.

But since I don’t know what a guy’s situation is — whether he’s single, whether he’s interested in dating someone, whether he’s even interested in me — I have a hard time transitioning those interactions into meaningful conversations.

Once a month, I find myself going through a similar cycle.

After a handful of bad interactions on my dating apps, I’ll get fed up and delete all of them. But then a friend of mine will tell me about a cute guy she met on Hinge.

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