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I also don’t totally trust her to be in our home unsupervised.

Most people will leave their Haus Meri in their homes to clean while they are out (& often they are left looking after children too), so it is essential to build a trusting relationship with them otherwise you will never be happy about them being alone amongst your belongings. She is very young & I’m yet to decide if that’s a good thing or not!

The American stuff is great as although I don’t know the brands I at least can read what’s in the packets, but the Chinese food is different entirely.

Some packets might have a picture on the front to help you & some give a brief description in English, but most are entirely in Chinese & are therefore a bit of an adventure.

Part of me feels that everyone has to start somewhere & that I can teach her how to look after a home to a Western standard but I’m also unsure if I’m up for the task!

She will be starting on a two week trial on Monday so only time will tell I guess!

Both the larger supermarkets have had new shipments arrive this week, one is now full of American canned & frozen goods & the other is full of weird & wonderful packets from China!By sharing our stories, we can inspire girls to embrace tech tools that can radically alter the course of their lives.Here are some ideas to get you started: Through our stories, we will celebrate important achievements for women and encourage girls everywhere to explore life-changing opportunities.They work an 8 hour day, usually starting at 6.30/7am, 11 days out of 14 & are paid the equivalent of approximately £6 a day.I’ve found the reality of having someone (a stranger basically) in my home all day quite tricky.

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It’s finally happening – starting today – Monday 23rd April, 2018.

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