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Marsha is single and undoubtedly dating however there's no news regarding her boyfriend/husband until currently, and it's like she has not been married/divorced until nowadays, and possesses no kids too.In August 2011, RCA Music cluster declared it had been disbanding J Records beside Appendage Records and Jive Records.In 2011, she released her debut solo album “Late Nights & Early Morning”.Then she released her second album “Friends & Lovers” in 2014.

Marsha Ambrosius is an English singer and songwriter.It turns out that Stewart was allegedly in the midst of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend which is what drove the best friends apart.“I felt me protecting what I felt happened and not wanting to disclose these stories was protecting her,” she said. I’m going to try and sugarcoat this s**t until it f*****g stinks. But Ambrosius, who’s known as “The Songstress” couldn’t let it go — she was too afraid of the worst possible outcome for her friend.“I remember when we got into an argument [afterwards] she said, ‘What are you protecting me for? I’ve damaged my own heart, taking on the burden of someone else’s b******t and vice versa. (According to Safe Voices, “one-third of female homicide victims that are reported in police records are killed by an intimate partner.”)“But I couldn’t, because if the other person is in a very damaging, abusive relationship and you’re the best friend that’s watching all of this unfold before your eyes… I don’t want to be here for that and it’s unfair for me to see you go through this,” she said. But in the same year, the duo reunited as Ambrosius brought Stewart on stage during her concert at The Clapham Grand in London.Neo-soul duo Floetry came onto the music scene in the late ’90s.But after two studio albums, one live album and over 1,500,000 records sold, the duo, Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart, split with little explanation to fans as to why except that they had “differences.”, Ambrosius is shedding light on what happened between herself and her partner-in-song.

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She is thought for her modern fashion, garments and outfit.

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