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I loved chatting with you, but afterwards, I realized that I said a lot of personal stuff, and I wish I hadn’t.I need someone to talk to, but don’t like the world to listen in, so I’ll try this for a while, and we’ll see what happens.She described herself to him, leaving out the slight droop to her breasts and the little post-pregnancy tummy that would not go away (“no need to tell him all my secrets”).She told him what city she lived in and discovered he lived nearby.

He’s gone until all hours of the DAMNED night, working at that DAMNED office on DAMNED stuff that can never wait.

She had privately given him her email address, on a whim, and now regretted it a little.

To: [email protected]: Tiny [email protected]: How are you tonight I thought about this a lot, and decided that email is probably a safe way to converse on a personal basis.

Thanks for listening Tiny Red She had run the spellchecker and re-read the text four times before getting enough nerve to click “send”.

She didn’t want him thinking she was just some dumb broad looking for someone to listen to her.

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He’s told me they “de-layered” the organization, which he says means fewer people do more work in the same amount of time, but I guess he hasn’t figured out how to be that efficient yet.

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  1. Wish I would have read this years ago…again, it probably would have fallen on just as deaf of ears as my Exs were when I was trying to tell him he drank too much, and how it was killing me. Recovering alcoholics – this article doesn't apply to you.