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According to him, he said he is “kind of spiritually Canadian.My family has had a small cottage in Muskoka for generations.In "Sin", Margaux offered Daniel a job at Voulez magazine, but the position was in the city, which his family didn't like. Daniel eventually accepts the job on the condition that the Headquarters move to Montauk, so he can be closer to home.In "Confession", Margaux wants Nolan Ross to appear on the cover of her magazine, but Daniel doesn't.Margaux is the only daughter of French billionaire Pascal Le Marchal, CEO of the huge corporation Le Marchal Media. In "Fear", she finds Daniel Grayson at a bar, the day before the Memorial Day Party. to create the American version of her father's magazine Voulez, and to escape his overbearing influence on her and whilst in New York quickly reconnected with old friend and occasional lover Daniel.Emily seems to know who her father and his magazine are.

This relationship was as far back as 1981, and it lasted for up to 7 years before it came ending.According to him, his “girlfriend lives in Norway and we had a baby boy in September. I need to stay healthy.”Nothing is known of the girlfriend or if she has become his wife.Billy Campbell has an estimated net worth of .5 million.In "Resurgence", Margaux received an offer from Conrad to do a advertisement about him in the magazine, but she denied.However, when she heard that he was planning to write his memoirs, she offered him the chance to do it with Le Marchal Media.

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The next relationship he would be involved in was with another actress, Jennifer Connelly in 1990.

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