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It only seemed natural there would be a little bit of jealousy or competition between them all because their fanbases overlapped, but Jeff Timmons finally set the record straight when he denied that claim entirely. “Not a bit, we were all going through, the same thing at the time. News that he wrestled Joey Fatone in the lobby of a hotel once, but that they were just messing around because they are actually really good friends.

We had a mutual respect of both those bands, their talent, and the struggle behind the scenes to even make it. Although, Jeff Timmons did say they had a little spat with another boy band in the UK, but they “wussed out.” Drew chimed in that was when they bonded with *NSYNC — over their shared dislike for the overseas band.

5 There were a lot of rumors floating around that there was animosity between some of the popular ’90s boy bands like Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and 98 Degrees.

When they made the announcement on their website back in 2002, Drew Lachey wrote that the band had not broken up, but rather was taking an extended hiatus.

They got together a few times for one-time performances, first in 2004 to sing on Nick and Jessica’s Family Christmas TV special, again in 2005 to support Jeffre’s candidacy for mayor of Cincinnati, but things went quiet for the group until 2012 when the group revealed they would start recording for a new album. Then these guys got married and started having kids and then doing different projects. You really have to set aside about a year maybe a year and a half.

So in 1995 he left school and was determined to make it big as a singer.

“It was a pretty hasty decision, looking back, but I was young and dumb.

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2 After forming the group, their next step was to come up with a band name that they all liked.

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