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(For more recent examples of evangelistic deception, click here) That was 20 years ago. Inside I found advertisements for "Discovery Bible Studies" and "Keys to Happiness Studies" but the words "Adventist", "SDA", or "Seventh-day" did not appear anywhere in the book. Even if someone managed to read the fine print, it is still obscure--we don't know if it was Edward White, or Earl White, or Ellen White!

On a tiny footnote on the bottom of the first page, in text so small it was barely legible, I found the words "Text by E. Why don't they just put it on the cover of the book "Written by Ellen G.

So, the makers of the book attempt to cleverly disguise it in order to deceive and perhaps ensnare those who might otherwise reject the book without reading it. In 1932 the complaint appeared in an SDA book, Answers to Objections: "When Seventh-day Adventist ministers go into a community to hold a series of lectures, they conceal, at first, their denominational connection.

They thus hope to draw into the audience people who would never have come if they knew that Seventh-day Adventists were conducting the meetings.

Therefore, we will use deception to trick them into thinking we are generic Christians.

Was this tactic ever used by Jesus or the Apostles?

Did they ever pretend like they were not Christians so that they could get more people to come to their meetings?

On Pentecost did Peter and John stand up and pretend like they were non-Christians in order to gain the people's confidence?

In the early 1850s, church co-founder James White removed portions of Ellen White's visions and then republished them with 19% of the original writings missing.We asked our angel to tell us who was living in that section.The angel replied, 'Shhhh..Seventh-day Adventists are in there.Before beginning, I want to emphasize that the SDA Church has done a lot of good in this world and there is much to be applauded for their efforts.Their medical system is second-to-none in the Christian world, and the work they have done for the blind is exceptional.

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