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It is certainly no secret that Chris would like the relationship between him and Rihanna to continue. It appears as if she would be single than even try to reconcile things with Brown.What do you think about the timeline Chris Brown and Rihanna share together?However, people are criticising Drake for working with Chris Brown, who infamously physically assaulted Rihanna in 2009, and are referencing the moment Drake declared his love for the ' Needed Me' singer very publicly at the 2016 VMA's.While it appears that Rihanna has forgiven Chris Brown for the abuse she endured a decade ago - the pair rekindled their romance in 2013 and have since collaborated on music - social media users are labelling Drake's decision as "disrespectful.""I’m old enough to remember when Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. I thought he respected her," wrote someone on Twitter.The 31-year-old, who was recently hailed the world's richest female musician, has since moved on with businessman Hassan Jameel.

Keep reading to find out.2005This was the year that 17-year-old Rihanna first met 16-year-old Chris Brown. You can see a video below of the two at the very beginning of their timeline together.

He doesn’t believe that any relationship she could have would last because they are soulmates.

After breaking up with Brown, Rihanna’s dating timeline consisted of Matt Kemp, Leonardo Di Caprio, Travis Scott, and Drake.

“Maybe if it was now things would have been different but they have both now moved on and doing their separate thing.”Rihanna also appears to be making it pretty clear that she doesn’t have any plans to give dating Chris another go.

According to , despite Chris’s alleged hopes to get back together with the singer, Rihanna has been telling friends that she’s “made that mistake” and won’t be romantically reuniting with Brown anytime soon.

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