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It does not matter whether or not the acts result in a perversion of the course of justice: the offence is committed when acts tending and intended to pervert a course of justice are done. The offence of perverting the course of justice overlaps with a number of other statutory offences.The words "attempting to" should not appear in the charge. Before preferring such a charge, consideration must be given to the possible alternatives referred to in this Charging Standard and, where appropriate, any of the following offences: Perverting the course of justice covers a wide range of conduct.It also covers perjury, offences concerning witnesses and jurors; offences involving the police (such as obstructing the police and wasting police time); offences concerning prisoners and offenders; and those involving coroners.The charging standard below, provides guidance concerning the charge which should be preferred if the criteria set out in the Code for Crown Prosecutors are met.Note also section 49 Road Traffic Offenders Act 1991.This allows a Court to re-sentence an individual who has deceived it about circumstances which were or might have been taken into account in deciding whether, or for how long, to disqualify that person.

It carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and/or a fine.Whilst there is no central referral requirement with regards to such cases, the Principal Legal Advisor is happy to be consulted on any difficult issues arising.In line with the Casework Quality Standards, prosecutors should record and explain as fully as possible the evidential considerations and public interest factors they have taken into account when making their decisions.To ensure consistency of approach, charging decisions in all cases should be approved by a Chief Crown Prosecutor or Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor.The most common example is when a suspect provides false details to an officer - whether it involves giving a false name, date of birth, address or a combination of the three.

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