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He walked through the doorway and she shut the door behind him.Before he could say a word, she kissed him deeply, and furiously worked to unzip his pants.Author's note: This is a story about a man who enjoys sharing his wife with other men, as told from the perspective of the "other man." If you find this situation offensive or distasteful, please don't read any further.This can be read as a standalone story, although it is the second part of a trilogy. Jake's body churned with adrenaline as he pulled into Matt and Laura's driveway promptly at the agreed-upon time.When they returned to Matt and Laura's home, Laura grabbed Jake's hand and pulled him up the stairs to her bedroom.It seemed as though she was intent upon having sex in every room of the house. Laura climbed on top and straddled Jake while kissing him passionately.She rubbed her slick pussy along his hard cock in long, slow strokes along the entire length of his shaft.He sucked her stiff nipples and she moaned with delight.

This," he said, waving his hand in a circle, "makes her very happy. But I do feel a great deal of...anxiety, I guess you could call it. You just keep having sex with her, and I'll keep living vicariously through you. " Jake nodded, and there was a long pause, as he considered his next question. You were honest about what you were looking for, and you could string a sentence together. And you had enough class not to post any photos of your junk. Her long, blonde hair was perfectly cleaned and brushed, and she wore her usual bright smile, which displayed her brilliantly white teeth. " *** The three of them enjoyed a nice meal at a local restaurant, where the conversation revolved around their relationship histories. It happens, especially with the younger guys." "How old was he? "Twenty-five," she responded, and then enjoyed the reaction she received from Jake. After dinner, they decided to visit a local bar that featured dozens of pool tables.

He glanced around the house and couldn't help but wonder where Matt was hiding.

"I figure we can have an appetizer before dinner," she said with a sexy smile.

He practically jogged up their front walkway and rang the doorbell. Laura stood before him, completely naked from head to toe, with the exception of a pair of red high heels.

"You'd better come in before the neighbors see me," she said with a naughty smile.

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