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It has also served as a lingua franca of the northern region for years, spoken as a secondary language by more than two million people who are native speakers of other languages in Northern Luzon.[source]Although not mutually intelligible languages, speakers of Ilocano generally understand and speak Tagalog via the current education system.This simple dish will appeal to vegetarians and can be served as an appetizer, main course or side dish.The ingredients are everyday items found in every larder and the cooking process is easy to master. If you are having a hard time looking for a word in the dictionary, try dropping the following suffixes: Like all its sister languages, Ilocano is fairly easy to pronounce.And although there are two orthographic systems that are in common use, the one based on Tagalog is more commonly found in publications. However, the language, like all the Borneo-Philippine Languages, employ the digraph ng to represent an initial velar nasal consonant (the ng in English sing).The Ilocano language has either five or six vowels, depending on what dialect you choose to speak.

It is also distantly related to Malagasy, Malay, Tetum, Hawaiian and other Polynesian languages. Meaning, it employs a number of affixes to signify changes in meaning.

The distinctive crispness that sets bagnet apart from other pork dishes is achieved by double frying the meat. 2lbs of whole belly pork 6 Garlic Cloves 2 Tsp Black Peppercorns 2 Tbsp Salt 1 Bay Leaf Oil for frying This Filipino green mango salad is a refreshing and zesty side dish to serve with tasty deep fried bagnet or other fried meat dishes.

This dish is simple to prepare, using unripe mangoes. 2 Green Mangoes 2 Tomatoes 1 Red Onion 1 Lime 4 tbsp Shrimp Paste (bagoong alamang) Poqui poqui is a tasty piquant Ilocano dish combining roasted eggplants and eggs.

However, the subject, having lived only in exclusively Tagalog-speaking areas for the latter part of her life, often finds it difficult to express herself in Ilocano unless spoken to in that language.

One can hear from the recording how she struggles with her own mother tongue.

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Bagnet is probably the most famous dish from Ilocano, a double fried pork tasty delight.

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