How to become online webcam slave

- I do also love verbally punishments and humiliation. Especially in the online domination, it is important that desires, goals and taboos with the slave are discussed regularly (maybe even after each session), so that both sides know what is going on.

Not like in real slavery, communication is very important here, as I usually do not see the slave and cannot respond to the signs he gives like in a real session.

It is much more interesting and exciting to have a relationship with me than to have many sessions with different mistresses.

Because trust is the most important thing in every relationship, even in fetish.

Also, found in online slavery are men who are very dominant in life.

The reasons for submitting to a mistress are not always sexual.

The most extreme form of this is that his income goes directly to my bank account of me and I pay the slave a small pocket money But it must be said that money slaves are only a small amount of slaves. The fact that I have hundreds of videos on my site and that you can see me live on the webcam should be proof enough that I am not fake.

The slave must also show this self-bondage in order to prove the correct execution.

Of course, the financial aspect is not completely irrelevant, because an excellent service needs to be paid.

All in all, I would describe my own feelings like this: I find it sexually, mentally and emotionally attractive to gain control over people like slaves and devotees.

The Slavery is a process that can only be reached and built up over a long time, with tasks, punishments, and sacrifices.

Absolutly after my first cam show I was on a new high.

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