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It was a black, see-through dress with velvet cut-outs, a design that sort of covered you exactly where you needed it to. To sedate the paparazzi, she suggested Bessette-Kennedy wear the same thing every day so they’d get bored of her.“She did that for a while, but they were relentless,” Radziwill says. She really wasn’t.”Radziwill doesn’t keep much, either.Before Carolyn married John, the couple did everything and nothing to attempt to stay out of the sights of the paparazzi.

And as far as “children,” she’s got a few cats and a Baby (her much-doted-on miniature goldendoodle).Kennedy, Jr., and his wife, Radziwill’s close friend Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.In , Radziwill awaits the impending loss of her husband across hundreds of pages, using inpatient hospital records as more of a countdown than a timeline.Radziwill entered a phase where all she wore was Rick Owens skirts with fishtails, flat boots, and only in the day.“I would go out at night to an event or someplace and I would dress down,” adding there was a lot of Yohji Yamamoto, too, a favorite of Carolyn’s.

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