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The sooner you start meds and take them diligently (meaning every day), the sooner you will become undetectable.

People with an undetectable viral load — I’ll explain what that means in the next question — are unable to transmit the virus.

I remember all of it: the glass coffee table, the cross, and the way she said “yeah” when I asked her, “Is it HIV? She had done this before and knew it was better to have no preamble, no bullshit: “Yeah, it’s HIV.”Over the next six months, I became very depressed. It’s part of me, a part that has connected me with sexy and powerful queer people.

But eventually, the fog lifted, thanks primarily to sex. I discovered I still had a sexual being in me, and that I could still have an awesome sex life. The unity between those of us who share this disease is unbreakable.

If they want some information about HIV, I’ll gladly send some links. I don’t want to take the time to get invested in someone only to be rejected later.

You can stay undetectable as long as you keep taking your daily medication. No, there is no cure for HIV, at least not right now. As long as they are aware of your HIV status and unafraid of it, you can date anyone you want to date — assuming they want to date you, too.That said, some people, both HIV positive and HIV negative, choose to serosort. If your doctor diagnosed you with AIDS, you may have seen some changes in your body already. If HIV is left untreated, in time it will progress to AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.Thankfully, we have medications that reduce the level of HIV in your blood to the point that you can live an extremely healthy life (undetectability).No one’s ready for the news that they are HIV positive. The doctor was a stern-faced woman with blonde hair and a golden cross dangling around her neck. I was living in Savannah, Georgia, and completing my last year of college.for a place I never wanted to be, a place I would never forget.

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(Your HIV is unable to be detected by the test — hence, it is “undetectable.”)This is the healthiest you can be without being HIV negative.

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