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While you might think this would be extremely obvious, there is a big difference between Latitude and many of the other apps built for the i Phone: Latitude is entirely browser-based.Yes, there is no native Latitude app, and there was some thought that since the mobile version of Safari on the i Phone can technically run in the background, that maybe it would allow apps like Latitude to also do the same. Unfortunately, since there is no mechanism for applications to run in the background on i Phone (which applies to browser-based web apps as well), we’re not able to provide continuous background location updates in the same way that we can for Latitude users on Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Window Mobile.

Share your location automatically or check in at specific places to share them with friends and gain status there. Check in and gain status at the places you go to share with friends.i OS application has recently been updated, and now supports the i Phone 3G.While i Phone 3G owners cannot take advantage of "background location reporting," they can update their location on the go by simply launching the app on their handset.Background updating requires an i Phone 3GS or i Phone 4 with i OS 4 or above.What's New In This Version:● Check-ins: Check in at places like restaurants so your friends can see you’re there.● Improved battery use when background reporting You can download Google Latitude from the App Store for free.

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