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They should, can, and do change, which is why discussing them is so important.Here are 12 types of boundary you should consider setting in your relationship.So, if anyone calls me continuously during the day, and they know my boundary, I simply do not pick up the phone until after 5 p.m. You'll know you're getting healthier when this doesn't get an emotional reaction out of you.When your boundaries are your core beliefs, you will not get riled up if you are tested.For example, my boundaries with my limited phone time is about honoring the fact that I tend to get overstimulated due to a busy writing schedule.This boundary is to decrease my stress level and not about avoiding others' phone calls or distancing myself from loved ones. We get mad when our moms call us five times in a day. We are not responsible for what comes out of their mouth, the daily choices they make, or their reactions. Since you can't change other people, change how you deal with them.I shudder to think of that time, and it wasn't so long ago. After all, what's the point of saying we want to grow if we're not going to be honest with ourselves about where we are now? For example, I don't like to talk on the phone during work hours, so when I'm at work, I don't accept personal calls until after 5 p.m.I say this because many of people don't know what their boundaries are, when in fact they should roll off your tongue like the alphabet. Boundaries are representative of how much or little you respect yourself. In my relationship, I value and expect monogamy, quality time each week (so at least one date night a week), and 100% honesty at all times.

No one gets to tell us our dreams are worthless, even if they think they’re doing so kind-heartedly in our best interests.

Discuss your financial boundaries early to avoid sticky entanglements later. Many people incorrectly feel that it’s their right or duty to split open a lover’s past so that everything about the lover is laid bare like parts for examination.

You, however, are not an automobile; there is no title and registration in your back pocket to hand over to someone; you have no tires for kicking.

Unless and until you’re comfortable doing so, you’re in no way obligated to make yourself an open book.

More relationship wisdom (article continues below): Relationships often exist within the eyes of “Hurricane Familia,” which doesn’t necessarily mean terrible family interactions, but simply that the needs of both families will constantly swirl around the edges of your relationship.

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  1. I've always tended to get along better with people a decade or so younger than me—peg it to my being single with no kids as well as a attitude that led me to spend my own 20s and 30s bouncing from guy to state to job.

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