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With your site I always felt very safe replying to letters.We are 'totally' compatible in everything we do, say, feel, like and enjoy.This is what it looked like — yep, it’s pretty horrible.Nine months later, after a redesign, some hard work, lots of extra features, encouragement from users and the odd mention or two in the press, things started to get interesting.We gave up our jobs, and introduced a subscription to allow people to contact old friends — and to allow us to survive (We were not part of the internet hype and didn’t go out and try and raise funding to continue)In the summer of 2001 the site exploded — through natural word of mouth and article after article about the desire to look back.

I started building Genes Reuntied as a way of helping people share their family research and find others who have information related to their trees.

On the positive side the site just didn’t stop growing and revenue was flowing — and we were having a fantastic time being interviewed on TV and radio nearly every other day.

However, rather naively, we thought we could do everything and it became very stressful and completely 24/7.

By 2005, a number of companies came knocking on the door.

It was difficult to turn them away and we eventually sold to ITV at the end of the year.

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