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This is when the Sprousehart moniker came into the zeitgeist, and when casual viewers and stans alike had to admit that Bughead was probably a couple IRL.

Even now that we all know (and they know we know), they'll still sometimes refer to each other as "friends" in interview.

Maybe it's the extreme close-ups, maybe it's the constant tasteful cleavage.

Cole and Lili get caught spending New Year's together in Hawaii which is awesome. At this point, it's super aggravating that they haven't just confirmed their relationship...

It's great that they're friends and in love, but let's not skip over the "in love" part.

Their safely-guarded (but sometimes not-so guarded) privacy teases us enough to NEED to know everything that's going on with our favorite couple (sorry, Camila Mendes and Charles Melton), but always leaves out the actual details we're craving. This shows that their love started way earlier than any of us might have assumed, even if it was just Lili still in shock from seeing her childhood crush IRL.

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