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The main point is: there is enormous variation in what is normal. I'm trying to improve my abdominal muscles to gain more self esteem from my breast insecurities.""I'm a 21 year old with petite A cup breast.

I am happy with my breasts but I have seen my sister's and she has amazing natural breasts.

There is no average or normal when it comes to breast size.

Some of us are large, some of us are small and some of us have had a plastic surgeon place implants to make them larger. Read more Many people who are transgendered or have a gender identity that makes them want their body to change will do very dangerous and potentially harmful things to themselves rather than seek out good and understanding and expert medical care.

Move up or down on the chart if your cups don’t fit. This allows you to move to the inner hooks to tighten the bra as it stretches with regular wear.

The band should be parallel to the floor and should not ride up.

I'm 18 years old, asian and I fit into A-B cup bras.

My left breast is noticably slightly larger than my right breast and my nipples are quite small and flat.

I have an hourglass figure, but this is because my shoulders and hips go out while my middle section goes in, not because my boobs are helping.

They started heading south when I was very young -- probably 15 or so -- because they were never on the upper slope of my breasts to begin with.""I can't say I feel much better after looking at your site, but I think sharing my photos despite will be empowering in its own sense.

"I'm 20 years old, never been pregnant, slightly above average in height, with a small frame.

In some cases, chemotherapy before surgery may give more surgical options. If you have concerns about the fibroadenomas and your breast size, you should consult with a breast surgeon and a plastic surgeon who can work together to provide a cosmetic result.

These pictures include women of Anglo-/Teutonic European, Semitic, N. East Asian, Native American, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and mixed descent who come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. Disclaimer: Some stories below are very frank and may mention various kinds of events and difficulties in people's lives (e.g. 007does not necessarily endorse everything that is depicted in the stories/pictures. "I was overweight in my early teens - about 12-17 years old. My mom thinks my breasts are saggy and need breast lift surgery. But to be honest, I want to be more concerned about my happiness.

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