Depredating birds

The American crow is the most widespread and familiar of the four species of crow found in North America.

It ranges from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific, and from the southeastern edge of Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, absent only from the deserts and treeless shortgrass prairies of the American West.

One of the most marked differences is in their family life.

However, even when people are given the facts about the crow's place in the natural world and the small actual impact they have on agriculture or songbird populations, most people continue to cling to their negative impressions of crows.

Similar negative feelings about the many different crow species can be found throughout the world.

What appears to be a typical small flock of birds is, in fact, a cohesive family unit.

The group consists of a breeding pair and their offspring from the last three breeding seasons.

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The factors that seem to have the greatest negative impact on people are the crows' appearance: big and black, ugly and evil-looking.

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