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“Many girls die during the process in the bush because the instruments are used on more than one person at a time,” explains Payne. As adult women, they can suffer infertility or complications during childbirth. Payne says women endure psychological effects, including depression and shame. Girls encounter problems Professor Morris Ken, a sociology instructor at the University of Liberia who specializes in human social behavior, says young girls from some parts of the interior will encounter problems when they travel to Monrovia for school.When they meet educated men who are not members of the Poro Society and do not support the practice, they may be rejected by them.Many women who were forced into the Sande Society in the interior, like Kebbeh, complain that men – particularly in Monrovia – reject them when they discover the circumcision.Esther (not her real name) says she was taken into the Sande Society when she was thirteen years old.“Some are being dubious, using this as an excuse to cheat on their wives,” declares Professor Ken.“If a Kru man would come up and say he left his wife because of circumcision, I would understand.

But, when she returned home, her husband rejected her.

Jacob Payne, with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Lofa.

He says unsterilized razor blades or knives can cause massive infection.

Her husband was Grebo, a tribe that does not cut girls’ genitals, while she is Loma.

‘Complained all night’ “He complained all night and, very early the next morning, he demanded that my mother carry me back to her village because he did not want what he referred to as a ‘handicap woman’ anymore.” Kebbeh’s story is not an isolated one.

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