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Gone are the name-tags, shouting and over-the-top party trimmings.Meeting your special someone shouldn't be anything but a comfortable and relaxed experience.As a reporter for LA Talk said, “ I walked through the venue without even noticing the tables of daters; events are so chic and low key you might just walk right by.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.It is the non-event of events.~~~We are regularly approached by venues looking to have the cheekiest in the world of dating to their spots.A low key, sophisticated approach to dating in Orange County.Preferring a 'less is more' environment devoid of typical event trappings.For someone whose career depends on figuring out the mysteries of love, finding love for herself remains such a mystery. She runs The Agency, a service for the well-to-do, who, when it comes to love, usually don’t. We need to live.” For a membership fee of between ,500 and ,000 (usually paid by men of substantial means), she will introduce people she believes are compatible – based solely on her own notions of who should be with whom. You will find no swiping of your phone screen to the left or to the right. “I call my family the pretty picture.” But her parents got a divorce. Her first job was at Great Expectations, a video dating service.She looks like a Hollywood star, like a cross between Gwenyth Paltrow and Lisa Kudrow. “We shouldn’t be in charge of each other’s lives,” she said of love partners. And you certainly won’t find listings of her clients. • • • She was a teenager with her daddy’s credit card and an attitude. She left, she said, after dating an executive in the company. She moved to Brentwood and tried to make it in Hollywood.

(So far, she takes credit for five.) The way you build a matchmaking business, Bergquist said, is to find the right women.

“I was getting sick of it.” When she was 32, she met a guy named Wade Bergquist. “He was just sitting there looking cute,” she said with a laugh.

“He wasn’t really my type, but he became my type.” They eloped and got married on May 15, 2011.

We are the only organization to routinely screen daters we feel may not be a good fit for our clients.

If we meet a dater we don't think you'll fancy meeting, we'll say 'No thank you' so you don't have to.

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They must be beautiful and, usually, between the ages of 24 and 45. But that’s the way it is.” The men she accepts are usually those who are in touch with their emotions. “I like them and respect them more if they do.” Bergquist doesn’t publicize the names of her clients because, she said, there is a stigma that goes with getting set up by a matchmaker. I look at them now, and I say I want that.” • • • She doesn’t have the kind of loving relationship she so desperately wants. Look for someone who wants to learn about life with you. You don’t buy your way into someone’s heart, but you may laugh your way there.

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