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Although Savoy was a last minute replacement for Schneider, Savoy proved that she was a true actress and had no shame in fulfilling the role of Drusilla.

As Drusilla, Savoy engaged in many erotic scenes but the one scene in which she really shined was her threesome with Helen Mirren.

Despite being enrolled in a threesome, Mirren’s nipple remains hidden throughout the scene.

By the time the 1990’s rolled around, it wasn’t all that uncommon for the angels in the centerfolds of your favorite men’s magazines to also be featured doing all kinds of arguably un-angelic things in hardcore pornographic movies…or better we should say videos, since the porno movie theater became a dying institution as soon as the first affordable VHS VCR hit the stores.

The likes of Hustler, High Society, and their many offshoots were filled with models who were likely porn stars first, magazine stars second, and nobody cared much.

After marrying, Gordon appeared in three of her husband’s, The Gambler, made-for-TV movies, in the final one appearing billed below former Playboy Playmate Teri Copley, which must have stung a bit.

She has not made a film since that picture, and given her divorce settlement, it’s likely she has not felt the need to perform.

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