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Despite many setbacks, African nations have made progress.As independent nations, they carved out a place on the world scene and won the power to shape their own future.Freedom for Namibia Like many African peoples, Namibians waged a long, armed struggle to win independence.Here, a group of Namibian women celebrate the birth of their nation in 1990.As an American journalist covering South Africa's second all-race elections, you are excited to find that people here feel strongly about exercising their right to vote. Because of the enormous turnout, some people will have to wait more than four hours to vote.

The United States, too, tried to undermine the Soviet-backed government.

The new Portuguese gov­ernment quickly agreed to withdraw from southern Africa.

In 1975, Angola and Mozambique celebrated independence.

Even after the Cold War ended, the fighting continued between the rival factions in Angola.

Outlook and Gains Making accurate generalizations about Africa is difficult. Some nations have rich resources to help finance progress. Each country has its own set of circumstances and its own history.

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